O nas

Our story dates back to 2011 when longboarding had just come to Poland and high quality longboards within a reasonable price range were scarce. Back then our passion for longboarding was all about slides and downhill and we decided to start our own brand initially as HillBomber Longboards. We were crazy to share our passion with as many people as possible delivering high quality boards that wouldn’t break the bank.

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland which is a huge flat area and spending here most days of the year our interest started to shift soon towards dancing, freestyle and cruising. We were dropping and testing new shapes every season to match our riding style and maintaining high manufacturing standards and clean, minimalist design. Over the years we have developed a board range which is valued by riders in Poland as well as Germany, France, Great Britain and other countries.
We love longboarding for its diversity and endless possibilities to develop boards which reflect each individual’s personality and riding style. We truly believe longboarding is for everyone beyond all boundaries and for all skill levels. Whether you like to practice dancing steps on a lazy afternoon, freestyle tricks in the happy moments of your life or you’re all about cruising through the city with your buddies we’ll be more than happy to supply you with one of our boards. Have fun and happy riding!


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